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GOX is Committed to Providing Top Bags Service

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GOX is Committed to Providing Top Bags Service


The developing process of bag product is also a process of exploration to us. GOX got a accomplished OEM & ODM developing team, with our substantial resources.we are quite confident that we could help our clients to achieve their expectations.


For ODM business, our professional salesman is always ready to provide face to face service and in the early stage of development, we will discuss with customers as follows, product design concepts, functional uses, material selection, budget, and market positioning to confirm the development target. After the design plan is confirmed, we will take out the samples as soon as possible, conducting practical tests on the samples and make adjustments, then send DHL to customer for confirmation.

For OEM business, we will also combine customer's target market and sales activities, to provide targeted solutions, to improve product market competition.

GOX’s team has served more than 150 clients, and products, such as outdoor sport backpack and  Tyvek® pencil case that been developed is countless. Just let us surprise you. 

OEM & ODM of GOX Bags


GOX pays more attention to working efficiency. We know very well how important efficient work is. Accelerating progress in the development and making product launches earlier than competitors, seizing business opportunities.

With the good support of GOX's technical team and design team, we could find a way to shorten the period of time both on confirmation in the development and production process. Professionals will keep in touch with customers and update information timely, and make adjustments from customers’ feedback.

To make the entire sales more efficient, The GOX team will also effectively collect consultations in the market and share them with customers regularly.

Efficiency of Rock Bags

Quality Control

Product quality is the core of GOX, all services are based on quality, which will never change. We have a professional QA&QC team, they work excellently from product development to export inspection due to adherence to a sound quality management system. 

During product development, the QA team makes pre-assessments and improvements in multiple dimensions such as product functionality, production process, and material analysis, and eliminates potential product risks in the development stage. QC team takes control of material quality, production quality, packaging safety, etc. throughout the production process to ensure the overall quality of exported products. 

Our quality control inspector will periodically conduct technical discussions with well-known third-party laboratories, participate in relevant QC training, and have a timely understanding of the latest quality control standards and apply them to practical work.

Bag Quality Control
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