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Social Responsibility of Gox Bag

Social Responsibility

Strive to pursue Sustainable Development Strive to affect positively to society and the world
Corporate Social Responsibility of GOX Bag

Corporate Social Responsibility

While GOX pursuing development, we always keep in mind with our responsibility to consumers, communities and the environment. It pays attention to the value of people in the production process, protects to each part, advocates energy conservation, and vigorously develops environmentally friendly recycled products. 

GOX Strictly control all aspects of the supply chain, conducting periodic inspections, and ensure every circle can be traced back to make sure our products are safety. Focus on the production environment and the legitimate interests and labor security of the workers. The principle of pollution reduction and energy reduction in production is always put in the first place, and strive to find and improve more effective methods, and make sure it fully implemented. 

Of course,except workers and supply chain, we are also committed to the production and promotion of environmentally friendly recycled products, so that our products can continue the concept of sustainable development. Try our best to promoting the environmental protection process of the whole world. 

GOX will definitely adhere to the path of sustainable development. We believe that only by sticking to social responsibility and continuing the cause of environmental protection can the real benefits the world.

Sustainable Material Research

GOX's attitude towards sustainable development is also reflected in the constant exploration and development of environmentally friendly recycled products. Along this way, we found that this was not just a responsibility for us, but an indispensable source of inspiration for products. Integrate sustainable development into products, and then integrate products into our life, reduce wasting, and maximize operation time of resources. 

We have successfully exported products produced from recycled fabrics to more than 15 countries around the world, and we have used recycled fabrics produced from over 100 million plastic bottles, we are continuing to promoting recycled products to our customers and increasing our export production of recycled fabric products proportion. We also continue to break through the singularity of recycled fabrics, continue sourcing new ‘green’ materials,with excellent designing to attract more customers to choose recycled fabrics. 

Sustainable Material Research of GOX Bag
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