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GOX Bag Wholesale

GOX Bag Wholesale

GOX Bag main scope of business is the design and production of various soft bags, which are eligible for student stationery, daily commuting, leisure sports, travel carrying, sorts of laptop sleeve or bag and any other bag style that you want.

GOX Bag main scope of business is the design and production of various soft bags, which are eligible for student stationery, daily commuting, leisure sports, travel carrying, sorts of laptop sleeve or bag and any other bag style that you want.

Types of GOX Bags Wholesale

From Laptop Bags to Pencil Cases and Lunch Bags, our extensive range at Gox Bag encompasses diverse categories that meet your varied needs. Among these offerings, our Back To School-Student Backpack stands out, providing students with a functional and stylish companion for their academic journey. Rooted in sustainability, our products span six meticulously curated categories, benefiting from an abundant fabric selection and the expertise of our professional design team. With over 2000+ SKUs available for reference and selection, we empower you with choices. Moreover, we embrace professional ODM&OEM business, ensuring your unique preferences find their expression in our creations.


GOX's backpack series covers backpack for daily use, including student backpacks, laptop backpacks, sports backpacks, travel backpacks, etc. It would be your best choice ever whether on function, style, fabric and price.

Laptop Bags

GOX's laptop sleeve series covers all the bag products needed for laptops and digital accessories. As a major item of our bag products, it is also one of the indispensable choices for sales activities.

Pencil Cases

As the main category of stationery products and the first choice in promotion category, GOX's product library provides our customers with a lot of choices, whether it is an interesting design for students or the high quality for adults, our goods are available in all varieties.   

Lunch Bags

OX's lunch bag is of various kinds, with our unique antibacterial fabrics. It helps our customers and products more competitively than any other similar.

Back To School-Student Backpack

During the high peak season of back to school, we offer our clients a variety of proposals with strong ability in making outstanding design, diverse styles, providing competitive prices, and fast material updates.

Sustainable Bags

Environmental protection and sustainable development are the focus of our bag product development. With people's increasing emphasis on environmental protection and more demand for such items, GOX is committed to and insists on the expansion and development of environmentally friendly materials.

Why GOX Bag?

GOX Manufacturer Of Bag for Sale
With more than 20 years of export experience, we have a very high sensitivity to market changes and serve our customers with our professionalism.
We got a rich and varied product database, our clients could always make a choice which is suitable and pleased them.
Professional design team, providing free design services and design support for our customer on sales.
Efficient and accurate is one of our greatest advantages, we seize every opportunity, high efficiency on product developing, quick responds to customers, and try our best to serve any potential business chance.

Sustainable Development of GOX Bags

Sustainable Development of GOX Bags

Environmental protection and sustainable development is a new goal for the development and sales of various commodities around the world, and the sustainable development of daily bag products is also the pursuit of the GOX team. 


We hope to use materials with composite environmental protection requirements and environmental protection innovations. Whether recommending items, or in the process of developing products.

This is a trend and a responsibility.


Our company insists on purchasing and using GRS-certified environmentally-friendly materials and BCI-qualified organic materials in environmental protection projects, and pays close attention to the trends of DuPont and other pioneer material suppliers in environmental protection materials, and keeps abreast of the new materials we can use.


Gox Bag presents an expansive array of products, spanning six distinct categories that include custom pencil pouch, Lunch Bags,  Laptop Bags, and our signature Back To School-Student Backpack. Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in each offering. With an extensive repertoire of fabric resources and the expertise of a seasoned design team, we provide a catalog boasting over 2000+ SKUs for your perusal and selection. We take pride in accommodating professional ODM&OEM business, underscoring our dedication to tailoring solutions that align precisely with your requirements.

How to Define a Good Bag Product?

How to Define a Good Bag Product?

Practical performance is the foundation of a bag product. In order to achieve the perfect use of the bag, beautiful and practical design, suitable fabrics, and superb craftsmanship are indispensable.

GOX product concept is pursuing the balance between the practical performance and the cost of the product, and adjust the practical performance to the best within budget.

Within the comprehensive spectrum of Gox Bag's offerings, discerning customers will find a comprehensive collection spanning six essential categories: Laptop Bags, Lunch Bag Set, Pencil Cases, eco friendly reusable bags, and notably, the Back To School-Student Backpack. Our unwavering focus on sustainable practices permeates every facet of our product line. Bolstered by an extensive repository of fabric resources and bolstered by a proficient design team, we present a portfolio that comprises an impressive 2000+ SKUs, catering to your discerning preferences. Additionally, our commitment to facilitating professional ODM&OEM transactions underscores our capability to accommodate your specific demands with utmost precision.

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