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The Difference Between A Laptop Sleeve and A Laptop Bag

In recent years, due to the popularity of laptops, laptop bags and laptop sleeves are increasingly favored by laptop users, but most people do not know much about the difference between laptop bags and laptop sleeves, many people think that laptop bags are laptop sleeves, laptop sleeves are laptop bags, next we will learn together to understand the difference between laptop bags and laptop sleeves where it.

Laptop Bag

Laptop bag, as the name implies is the device laptop package. In the market, the more common types of laptop bags are double shoulder, shoulder and handheld. Generally speaking, the laptop bag to put the laptop in the bag will have a layer of thicker, soft pad, this is the liner, is to prevent the laptop bag accidentally fall or vibration on the laptop caused by injury. Due to office needs, the capacity of laptop bags are now relatively large, some of the daily documents, personal items, etc. are able to fit, so it is more convenient to carry the laptop out of the office.

Laptop Sleeve

The laptop sleeve is equivalent to the laptop bag liner, a soft bag, you can put the laptop inside, and then put the bag inside the ordinary backpack, so that the laptop can be placed in the ordinary backpack to carry around. The configuration of the laptop sleeve is generally not too large, mostly within 14 inches, so that it can be easily put into a normal backpack. The laptop sleeves mainly for laptops to play the role of shock, water, wear and tear, scratch protection. The capacity of the inner bag is generally relatively small, can only be put into the laptop, if it is out of the office, documents such as items to take other bags.