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Classification and Characteristics of Laptop Bags

Double Shoulder Laptop Bag Features

1. fully functional, practical, large space, after loading the laptop there is still a lot of space to load other items.

2. back to save energy, both shoulders at the same time force, can disperse gravity.

3. good protection for the computer, placed on the inside of the backpack anti-collision, waterproof.

Portable/Shoulder Laptop BagFeatures

1. easy to carry, handheld or shoulder back can be, suitable for business people or office workers.

2. handbag lightweight, sandwich more, in addition to the laptop, can also be loaded with small items and documents.

3. Suitable for people who often take the subway, when the carriage is crowded, you can hand-carried or shoulder back to the front, to prevent being crushed or stolen.

Lined Laptop Bag Features

1. small size, can be used with a shoulder or handheld laptop bag, effective shockproof, can better protect the computer.

2. the size of the inner bag and the laptop almost identical, better protection.

3. lined laptop bag suitable for hand-held, in school with a computer to class, in the company with a computer to the meeting of the crowd, can consider buying.