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Notes on the Selection of School Backpacks

School backpacks for students is essential, and now students due to the heavy burden of schoolwork, school backpacks daily to be loaded with textbooks, etc. is also very much, in order to reduce the impact of the school backpack too heavy for children, parents and friends in the purchase of school backpacks, we should pay attention to the selection of a more reasonable design of the schoolbag. So, how to pick a school backpack?

The Material Of School Backpacks Should Be Light And Sturdy

Students'  school backpacks are filled with books and their own items, the daily weight of the backpack can not be ignored, so when select school backpacks, it is suggested to choose a light body material to reduce the weight of the backpack itself, such as polyester and nylon fabric is a good choice, nylon is a better choice in terms of sturdiness in the backpack.

Pay Attention To The Shoulder Strap Design Of The School Backpacks

The shoulder straps are the core of the entire backpack. When choosing a student backpack, the wide straps evenly disperse the weight of the bag, which can effectively reduce the pressure caused by the bag on the shoulders and neck, and is a health concern for children born as students. The second key point of the shoulder straps is decompression and breathability, so the shoulder straps also need to choose a padded and breathable sandwich network of shoulder strap design

The School Backpacks Fixed Straps

The built-in straps of the school backpacks can make the books closer to the back and prevent the schoolbag from tilting outward, which can cause injury to the spine due to the fall of the center of gravity. In addition, the inner compartment of the school backpack also has a similar role, you can fix miscellaneous items, such as water bottles, pencil pockets, etc.. In this way, the child's spine can often be kept straight.

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