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Boy's Medium Size Two Compartments Lunch Tote Color Green Orange
student lunch bag
student lunch bag

Boy's Medium Size Two Compartments Lunch Tote Color Green Orange Gox Bag

This lunch tote comes in a cool sports style design that's perfect for boys who love to stay active and play sports.The medium size of this lunch tote is perfect for children who need a little more space for their snacks and meals, but not so much that it becomes too heavy or cumbersome to carry.

Specifications of Lunch Bag

SizeW20xH25.5xD13cm     W7.7"xH10"xD45"
MaterialNeoprene+Ripstop Polyester

Features of Lunch Bag

  • Features two compartments, making it easy to pack both main meals and snacks

  • Made with easy-to-clean, lightweight, durable materials, this lunch tote is built to last. It's designed to resist stains, spills, and odors, making it an ideal choice for everyday use

  • Bright and contrast color combination makes the look vibrant and enjoyable

Lunch Bag Benefits

  • Made with high-quality and durable materials, this lunch tote is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It's easy to clean and maintain

  • Large capacity design that can easily accommodate all your food containers, water bottles, and snacks. It's perfect for those who require more space for their meals and snacks

  • The tote comes with a convenient handle that makes it easy for kids to carry around. It can be easily packed into a backpack or carried separately for added convenience

  • With antibacterial lining that help to prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria, making it ideal for keeping your food safe and healthy

  • This lunch tote is not only functional and stylish, but it's also priced affordably. This makes it a great option for families on a budget who still want to provide their kids with a high-quality lunch container

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