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Medium Sized Waterproof Backpack
medium hiking backpack
medium size hiking backpack
medium backpack with water bottle holder
medium hiking backpack for women
medium sized waterproof backpack
medium hiking backpack
medium size hiking backpack
medium backpack with water bottle holder
medium hiking backpack for women
medium sized waterproof backpack

Medium Sized Waterproof Backpack Gox Bag

Our lightweight medium sized waterproof backpack is targeting at customer groups who is professional in outdoor gears. This is a very basic medium size hiking backpack with 25L storage space. As you can tell, this backpack is not too heavy on construction of pockets and and straps, which is perfect for beginners or quick trips. To ensure the comfort, it has a soft pack and has no frame system, which helps relieve pressure on the shoulder.

Specifications of Backpack

SizeW30xH42xD12cm     W11.8"x H16.5"x D4.75"
MaterialRipstop polyester

Features of Medium Size Hiking Backpack

  • Waterproof Ripstop Material: Our medium-sized hiking backpack is crafted from waterproof ripstop material. This advanced fabric not only resists tears and punctures but also keeps gear dry in wet conditions. Users can confidently explore the outdoors without worrying about rain or splashes seeping into the medium sized waterproof backpack.

  • Hanging Loops: The medium hiking backpack is equipped with convenient hanging loops. These loops are perfect for attaching gear like trekking poles, carabiners, or water bottles externally, providing easy access to your essentials and freeing up space inside the main compartment.

  • One Internal Security Pocket: Security is paramount, especially when you on the trail. Our medium size hiking backpack features a discreet internal security pocket. It's ideal for storing valuable items like your wallet, keys, or passport, ensuring they are safe and well-protected during your adventures.

  • Convenient for Outdoor Activities: Designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, this outdoor sport backpack is tailored to make your outdoor activities more convenient. It's suitable for day hikes, short camping trips, and other adventures. Its medium size strikes a balance between capacity and portability, allowing you to carry your essentials without being weighed down.

  • Breathable Mesh Padding: Comfort is key when out in the wild. This medium sized waterproof backpack features breathable mesh padding on the back and shoulder straps. This padding provides ventilation and cushioning, reducing sweat buildup and enhancing comfort during extended hikes.

Benefits of Our Medium Size Hiking Backpack

  • Resistant to Tearing and Ripping: Our medium-sized hiking backpack is built to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors. Its materials and construction are highly resistant to tearing and ripping, ensuring the longevity and durability of the backpack even in challenging terrain.

  • Stay Dry When Caught in the Rain: Unpredictable weather is a common companion on outdoor adventures. Our hiking backpack offers reliable protection from the rain. Its waterproof materials and design keep your gear dry when you're caught in a sudden downpour, allowing you to continue your journey with peace of mind.

  • 25L Capacity with 3 Zipper Compartments: Despite its medium size, this backpack offers a generous 25-liter capacity. It's equipped with three separate zipper compartments, providing you with ample space to organize and store your gear efficiently. Keep your essentials neatly arranged and easy to access. And we also provide the large travel hiking backpack (50L)

  • Stretchable Side Pocket for Water Bottles: Staying hydrated is essential when hiking. Our backpack features a stretchable side pocket that accommodates different sizes of water bottles. You can keep your hydration readily available, ensuring you stay refreshed and energized throughout your trek.

  • Reflective Strap for Visibility in Dark Conditions: Safety is paramount, especially when you're out after dark. Our hiking backpack includes a reflective strap, which enhances your visibility in low-light or dark conditions. This feature adds an extra layer of safety, making you more noticeable to others and reducing the risk of accidents.

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