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Yoga Bag Backpack Wholesale Gox Bag

This yaga backpack is designed for people who usually goes to the gym. It is fully made by air mesh patterning with diamond-type lattice, soft and breathable. Our yoga gym backpack is lightweight and no burden to carry it whenever you go. There is one panel in neoprene material on the front attached to buckle, connected to the body. This function is to hold some accessories such as yoga mat or sport jacket.

To keep user's items well-organized, this gym and yoga bag has a zipper pocket inside the main compartment. Shoulder strap in neoprene material and padded mesh greatly ensure the comfort!

Specifications of Yoga Gym Backpack

SizeW25xH36.5xD12cm     W9.8"XH14.3"xD4.7"

Features of Yoga Gym Backpack

  • Sporty and Stylish Design: Our Yoga Gym Backpack is designed to be both sporty and stylish. It's not just a practical accessory but also a fashion statement. Whether headed to the gym, a yoga class, or just running errands, this backpack complements user's active lifestyle and enhances look.

  • Padded and High-Quality Air Mesh: Comfort is key, and this yaga backpack is built with your comfort in mind. The yoga gym backpack features padded and high-quality air mesh on the back and shoulder straps. This padding provides cushioning and ventilation, ensuring that you can carry your essentials with ease, even during intense workouts.

  • One Main Compartment: Simplicity and functionality are at the core of this backpack's design. Our yoga bag backpack offers one spacious main compartment that can accommodate your yoga mat, clothing, towels, and other gym essentials. This design makes it easy to organize your gear and access what you need quickly.

  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap: The yoga gym backpack features an adjustable shoulder strap. This allows you to customize the fit according to your preferences, ensuring that the backpack sits comfortably on your shoulders. Whether you're tall or petite, this feature ensures a snug and secure fit.

Yoga Bag Backpack Benefits

  • Good Accessory for Gym and Outdoor Sports: Our Yoga Bag Backpack is a versatile accessory that's perfect for both gym-goers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Whether heading to the yoga studio, the gym, or engaging in outdoor activities like hiking or biking, this outdoor sport backpack serves as a reliable companion to carry your essentials.

  • Breathable Air Mesh for Comfort: Comfort is a top priority. This yoga bag backpack is equipped with breathable air mesh in the design to ensure that you stay comfortable even during intense physical activities. The air mesh enhances ventilation, reducing sweat buildup and making users workout experience more pleasant.

  • Lightweight and Extremely Portable: Portability is key when you're on the move. Our Yoga Bag Backpack is lightweight and easy to carry. Users can effortlessly take it with you to your fitness sessions or outdoor adventures, ensuring that it doesn't add unnecessary weight to your load.

  • Buckle Closure to Enlarge the Space: The buckle closure is a clever feature that allows you to enlarge the space within the backpack as needed. This flexibility ensures that you can accommodate bulkier items or a yoga mat, making the backpack highly adaptable to your specific requirements.

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